Colman Murray

VP Business Development



Dublin-born Murray (49) was appointed as Vice President: African Business Development at Apurimac Media earlier this year. Apurimac represents Yahoo! on the continent of Africa.

Murray brings with him years of experience in the international publishing and media industry, having most recently worked on the promotion of Agence France Presse’s (AFP) business interests across the African continent, as Deputy Director for Africa and Global Brand director. Before that, he drove the development of Time Inc’s publishing interests in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

It is the immediacy and the relevance of the digital marketing industry that attracted him. Murray sees his key responsibility as being to demystify what could be seen as a very intimidating industry to the average man on the street. “If people understand it properly, they won’t be afraid of it,” he says. If you ask him what he enjoys most about the work he does, he would say simply that it is fun and immensely satisfying to decipher this industry for the people he meets.

Based in Johannesburg, Murray is responsible for the overall development of Apurimac Media's strategy in the rest of Africa.

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